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2017 W-2, W-2c, and W-2G Information

The Illinois Department of Revenue recently informed businesses about an electronic filing mandate for withholding income tax forms such as the W-2. The majority of these forms are already filed electronically.

We encourage all taxpayers to comply with the new mandate in 2018. Businesses that make a reasonable and good faith effort to comply with the electronic filing deadline may file a reasonable cause request with the Department if they are penalized for failure to file electronically.

See Informational Bulletin FY 2018-18, available on the Department’s website, for more information.

To request a waiver for the 2017 W-2, W-2c, and W-2G electronic filing requirement, you may fax a completed Form IL-900-EW-2 to 1 217 785-8202.

For information on filing your Forms W-2, W-2c, and W-2G electronically, see W-2 and 1099 Electronic Filing Programs. Third-party services: Payroll programs and services are available for purchase from third-party vendors which will automate this process for you.