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When are my tax returns due?

Your processable RMFT-5, RMFT-5-US, and RMFT-144, are due on or before the 20th day of each month for the previous month's activity.

Can I make electronic payments?

You can pay your RMFT-5 and RMFT-5-US by ACH credit. With ACH credit, you instruct your financial institution to transfer funds from your account to ours. For more information, see Informational Bulletin FY 2015-01, Electronic Payment Method Now Available for Motor Fuel Taxpayers, and the Form EFT-1, Authorization Agreement for Certain Electronic Payments .

What is considered a "processable" return?

A processable return is one that has been signed by the person required by law, is in the required format, and contains all information necessary to determine the correct tax due.

Why should I file my returns and pay on time?

Two reasons: First, you can take a 1.75% deduction of your taxable sales if you file on time and pay the total tax due with your return, and second, you won't be hit with late filing or no payment/under payment penalties and possible interest.

Can I fax you my monthly returns or amended returns?

No, since the law requires an original signature on all returns, facsimiles or copies of returns are not allowed.

I received an assessment because I reported "net" gallons, and my supplier reported "gross" gallons. What is the correct way to report in Illinois?

File your returns in the way in which you were billed. If you were billed "net", report "net". If you were billed "gross", report "gross".

If I receive a pre-assessment or notice of assessment for failing to report a shipment sold to my company, then find I reported the wrong bill of lading or invoice number, how do I correct this?

You can fix it with two simple entries on the applicable schedule - the reversal of the original entry (shown in parenthesis), and the corrected entry directly below it (not in parenthesis). It is not necessary to send the entire schedule detailed out.

Am I required to file motor fuel schedules on magnetic media?

Yes. We've been requiring that schedules be filed via magnetic media since July 1, 1994.

Where do I get information on how to file my support schedules using magnetic media?

Please call us at 217 782-2291 and we will mail you a magnetic media guide.