Illinois Department of Revenue

File 2013 IL-1040 electronically through a Tax Professional

tax professional helping client

An authorized tax professional will enter your tax data, transmit your IL-1040, and ask you to sign an IL-8453 as your official signature.


  • Faster Refunds
  • Accurate
  • Proof of Filing
  • Paperless
  • Easy to Pay

Your return may not be filed electronically by a tax professional if you:
  • are claiming the August 1, 1969, valuation limitation amount from Schedule F reported on Schedule M, Line 21,
  • want to file a prior year return,
  • want to amend or correct a previously filed return,
  • claim recapture of investments tax credits from Schedule 4255 on IL-1040, Line 14, or
  • claim credit for tax paid to other states on IL-1040, Line 16 if you are not a full-year Illinois resident.

Locate the closest Authorized Tax Professional in your area who can electronically file your IL-1040 tax return:
For your convenience we are providing the following link to locate electronic filing tax professionals approved in both the Illinois Electronic Filing and the Internal Revenue Service Electronic Filing Programs.

The Illinois Department of Revenue does not endorse or warrant these companies or their products or services. The decision to use or not use any of these professionals will not result in any special treatment from the Illinois Department of Revenue.

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