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Avoid Common Filing Mistakes for Individual Income Tax

Filing electronically is the best way to avoid common, and sometimes costly, mistakes. You can file your Form IL-1040 for free using MyTax Illinois. Once you submit your return electronically, do not mail a copy. If you choose to make a payment via check, use Form IL-1040-V.

Use the following information to assist you in avoiding processing delays and receiving your refund faster.

Use a calculator. Review the entries you made on each line for accuracy and verify your calculations.

Make sure you use the correct Form IL-1040. This return is tax year specific. For the return due April 18, 2017, you should be using the 2016 Form IL-1040.

Do not send multiple Form IL-1040 returns.

Attach all necessary W-2 and 1099 forms to your Form IL-1040

Include all necessary supporting schedules, forms, and attachments with your Form IL-1040

Double check all personal information in Step 1 of Form IL-1040

Complete all lines of Form IL-1040

Verify certain amounts on our website

Important reminders if you are receiving a refund