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Approved Third Party Software Vendors for Sales and Use Tax Filers


If you choose to have a third party file your return, the following are vendors who are approved by the department to electronically file sales and use tax returns:

Note: Software vendors will be approved after they register and have their product approved through testing. These companies may be web-based companies or traditional software development companies who produce a product that formats and transmits electronic returns.

  • ADP Taxware - 1 877-CALL-ADP (
    • 401 Edgewater Place, Suite 260, Wakefield, MA 01880
    • E-mail:
  • CCH, a Wolters Kluwer Business - 1 866-513-CORP (1 866-513-2677) (
    • CorpSystem® Sales Tax Returns Online
    • SaaS-based, internet product, accessible from anywhere on the internet
    • 500+ state and local sales and use tax returns, including electronic filing option
    • Automated form population and return processing from any flat, delimited data files
    • Returns calculate tax due automatically--fully editable, allows for overrides
    • Audit reports extract to Excel spreadsheets for manipulation and sharing of data
  • - 1 877-584-2309 (
    • Fast, easy and compliant system for filing Illinois Sales & Use Tax returns
    • Automatic calculations and validations per DOR requirements
    • QuickBooks Import option
    • Option to import ST-2 data from a text file
    • Email and Text Reminders
    • PDF output option
    • No software to purchase or install, automatic rate updates
    • Free unlimited technical support
    • Free archiving, viewing and printing of completed returns
  • Exactor, Inc. - 1 800 851-8226 (
    • Provides a fully automated sales tax solution for nearly all financial accounting software packages, online shopping carts, and custom integrations
    • Calculates sales taxes in all countries and states accurate to the exact street level address
    • Files tax returns and remits tax payments to every state and local taxing jurisdiction
    • Provides a robust reporting system for tracking / auditing
    • Requires absolutely no maintenance – all tax rates / forms are updated automatically as changes occur
    • Certified as a Streamlined Sales Tax (SST) sales tax service provider 
    • No cost for setup or support
    • E-mail:
  • Instant Software Solutions – 1 800-963-1212 Sail TaxTM for Windows (
    • Designed for accountants to be the fastest, easiest preparation available
    • Electronically file ST-1, ST-2, and PST-2’s
    • Special simplified entry for calculation of Food/Drugs, Gas Stations, Prescriptions, Service persons, Chicago Soft Drink (ST-14), MPEA (ST-4), and Tire User Fee (ST-8).  Once a “Special” is selected for a client, Sail Tax will remember to prompt you for it next time
    • Prepare past due/very past due returns 10+ years back using the current version of the software.  You pick the liability period and Sail Tax will provide the correct rate
    • Print transmittal letters to clients
    • Can run on multiple computers and share data on a server
  • PTP Oneclick, LLC - 1 866 781-2200 PAVLOU SalesTaxPRO (
    • Windows-based software application – Complete Electronic Filing of Sales and Use Tax Returns
    • Generates STATE and LOCAL tax returns
    • Easy to use Tax Wizard – Smart  Wizard and Smart Rate/Form Technologies automatically calculate and prepare state and local tax returns
    • Built in logic optimizes all Home Rule/Motor Fuel Tax Deductions and Specific Fuel Tax Exemptions
    • Offers flexible tax payment options in all software products, including E-File Activity and Payment monitoring reports
    • Free update downloads through December
    • E-mail:
  • TTA - A Thomson Company - 1 800 865-5257 (
    • InSource Sales and Use Tax
    • Windows-based software application - Available via CD ROM or internet download file
    • Generates 560+ state, local and Canadian returns including electronic returns for Illinois and 18 other states
    • Flexible data sourcing including ASCII file and electronic spreadsheet import
    • Automatic tax calculations using the latest rates
    • Offers standard and customized audit reports
  • Trustfile - 877-222-0187 (
    • P. O. Box 84327, Baton Rouge, LA 70884
    • Windows-based software application -Complete Electronic Sales and Use Tax Returns
    • Generates electronic returns for Illinois, Wisconsin, and 8 other states
    • Automated form population and importing from spreadsheets
    • Automatic tax calculations
    • E-payment and payment warehousing capabilities
    • Free update downloads through December
    • E-mail:

For questions regarding this program, please contact the Electronic Commerce Division at 1 866 440-8680.

Note: Some taxpayers are required to pay their tax electronically using Electronic Funds Transfer.

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